Battlehex: Modular Hexagon Terrain System – an interesting Kickstarter project

On our recent View from the Veranda episode, one of the subjects that Henry and I discussed was the issue of the ‘game in a box’, and the particular challenge that terrain offered to this concept.

One solution is to use ‘top-down’ 2D terrain, and there is currently a Kickstarter project running that covers this: the Battlehex: Modular Hexagon Terrain System

This project offers full colour printed terrain, which is ideal as a starting point for many battlefields. It means that you don’t have to invest in a lot of terrain in order to put together a number of interesting battlefields – everything is contained in a single box, and at a reasonable price (the KS has one box for $64, or approx £42), with free shipping included in both the US and the UK.

The hexes are 9″ across, and so a 9 x 7 grid will cover the average 6′ x 4′ wargames table. It’s all stored in a single box, which means that those for whom space is a premium could benefit from this.

There are a couple of disadvantages that I can see with this:

  • The terrain is printed colour card, so by definition it’s 2D. It’s nice, but has a very ‘boardgame’ look and feel.
  • You would probably need at least two boxes of terrain, as currently the distribution of terrain tiles would mean that you would need to use almost every tile in the box to cover a 6 x 4 area – you may not want to use all these tiles every time (i.e. every type of terrain), so a single box is perhaps more limiting that what you may think. (Although one of the stretch goals is to make the hexes double-sided, which should solve much of this issue)
  • A specific objection: I would normally consider using a hex-terrain system to play a ‘Commands & Colors’ type game with miniatures. However, C&C uses, as a minimum, a 9 x 13 grid. This hex system’s 9″ hexes are simply to large to accommodate this on a ‘standard’ table.

That said, I think this is a really interesting idea and well worth a look – it might be the budget scenery solution you have been looking for.

The project is due to complete on the 26th of January, and at time of writing has reached 75% of it’s $25.000 funding goal.

2 Comments on Battlehex: Modular Hexagon Terrain System – an interesting Kickstarter project

  1. I’m not entirely convinced, I find that cardboard slips around quite a bit unless you have some sort of rubber back on them, and then that would defeat the double-sidedness. I also think that you need “plain” tiles to cover your whole gaming area and then terrain features on extra tiles, otherwise you can never have a battle on a plain.

    For the “complete game in a box” I think that Games Workshop actually came close with their old Battle of Five Armies boxed set that they released some 10 years ago. Of course they released more figures to go with the game, but out of the box with the armies and scenario included it was a very good and complete gaming experience.

    • I agree with you on the ‘blank terrain’ point. For me, adding terrain to a board is all about choice – to be forced to use terrain simply to ensure you have a complete board is not a great solution.

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