Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 138 – Review of 2014

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Welcome to episode 138 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast


ep138As we head into 2015, hosts Neil Shuck, Mike Hobbs & Mike Whitaker get together to discuss their favourite games of 2014, and also discuss some of their gaming plans for the new year.

We hope you enjoy the show.

16 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 138 – Review of 2014

  1. Just a quick note on this one – the audio quality is not the best. We had to use a ‘quick and dirty’ audio solution, as it seemed that Pretty May, which we usually use to record our Skype calls, does not work with Skype 7.0. We only found out about this as we were about to record, and so had to hunt for a swift solution. It worked, but isn’t the best I’m afraid.

    I suspect from the audio that the recording was using my Laptop mic, rather than my USB mic (hence the extra hiss)

    Apologies – I will get this fixed in time for the next show


  2. Commander Roj // January 15, 2015 at 21:06 // Reply

    I’m sure it will be a great listen nevertheless. Looking forward to a day off and listening to it while doing some painting on Monday.

  3. I have played Spartacus, but have not played Jugula so again am little help. Spartacus is really a very enjoyable game though not really a skirmish game at all. Players play the various Gladiatorial houses and the bargaining and intrigue is just as important as winning in the arena. In fact I have won the game without wearing a single arena combat! Well worth trying. Their Sons of Anarchy game is pretty good too.

    • My favorites from the year of 2014 were Bolt Action and Square Bashing, and the Combat Commander board game. My goals for 2015, try To the Strongest. It looks fantastic. And get back into IABSM. And really looking forward to the board game release of Great War Commander. Thanks for a great show guys and the audio was fine.

  4. Hi Mike, yep version 2, but not so new. They have been out since 2012. They cover the Boer War through to the Russo-Polish War. But mainly concentrate on WWI. Play on a 4×3 table, divided into 6″ squares. The rules are intended for 15mm figures (Peter Pig awesomeness) but there is a page dedicated to scaling down to 6mm or up 28mm. Its a Division level game with the basic unit being a Battalion made up of four 30×30 stands of infantry. 3 figures per stand. A stand represents a company.
    A professional 1918 British Army:
    9 Battalions, needing to paint 108 figures
    2 Tanks
    5 Machine Guns (Based 3 figures per stand)
    6 Field Guns (1 gun per stand)
    1 HQ.

    If you want Russians, or Turks like me. There is a fair bit more painting.

    Square Bashing has sparked my interest for To The Strongest. Grids work great in wargaming. Saves a lot of time measuring etc. And I will keep an eye on Peter Pigs PBI3 when it comes out because it uses a grid as well.

    • one of my mates plays square bashing and he loves it, so I must try it out.

      I think when playing divisional level or higher games there is a real argument for using squares or hexes as it is all about holding areas of the battlefield and the logistics behind the bigger battle rather then what each platoon is doing and abstracted movement works really well

      Actually we really should review one of the PP rulesets as they’ve been around for a while and never seem to get much exposure in the wargames press.

      • If you guys get Martin on for an interview you will be legends. He quietly puts out some great rules.

  5. It’s a shame you guys haven’t gotten much Deadzone in, it’s a great game. I’ve been recording my plays on BoardGameGeek, and my top 3 games are Deadzone, Dreadball, and SAGA. Those 3 are pretty close, then there is a big drop off to Gruntz, Battletech and Kings of War.

    • Deadzone is certainly on my list of ‘must play’ in 2015 (as is Dreadball) – I’ve certainly got enough scenery for it! (Especially if you take into account all the old Necromunda bulkheads I’ve been converting into buildings.

      Maybe once my 15mm Germans, 15mm Americans and 6mm Parthians are done…

  6. Mervyndouglas // February 1, 2015 at 08:51 // Reply

    Nice review programme there chaps – I always like to hear other people’s favourites rules/games. It would be good to get some talk-throughs of Piggies rules, Mike’s right (already this year!) they don’t get the same publicity as some others. I never got on with their PBI WW2 set, but have Patrols in the Sudan (um, Colonial Sudan rules) and Men of Company B (platoon plus level Vietnam) like the look of both of them. They are both quite long in the tooth now but I’m keen to try them in the next year or so…if I ever get the figures painted for those 2 projects…ahem! Kettle, pot, black…I know.

  7. How about asking Mark Lewis back for a Take 2 interview on Sword & Spear? Maybe you can entice him with something nice… 🙂


  8. An excellent show. I commend you all on your impeccable taste and judgement.:)
    I don’t need any enticement to be on – we just need to arrange a date for the re-record.

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