Scratch-built scenery update

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed, you’ll know that for several weeks Dave Luff and myself have been busy scratch building scenery (primarily in 15mm scale) for our wargames table, which is in Dave’s house.

I finally remembered to take my camera along tonight, and thought I’d show you the progress we have made


This most of what we’ve done:

  • The table (scratch built)
  • Trees (basing a number of K&R trees)
  • Terrain bases, to denote areas of rough ground, woods, etc
  • Areas of rough/impassable terrain
  • ‘Kept’ hedges, such as you may find in towns
  • ‘Rural’ hedges
  • Bocage
  • Fences (from 4Ground)

Some close-up photos of the area terrain pieces






I must admit to being particularly pleased with the way that these match the table, considering that they were painted in different methods using different colours – we tried to match things up, but it wasn’t until we put them on the table tonight that we realised how well they did!

‘Kept’ Hedges. We tried some different colour flocks for these – I think the lighter ones have come out the best



Then we have the ‘Rural’ hedges



This picture with a 15mm M5 Half-track, to show some scale


You can also see the 4Ground fencing, which is actually really nice

Finally we have our Bocage




So, what’s left?

  • Rural stone walls – these are currently under construction. A couple of different styles of prototype worked well
  • City / Town walls – constructed from the Plast-Craft Games EWAR range
  • Buildings. Our initial buildings will be from the Plast-Craft Games EWAR Range and also the Sarissa 15mm Europe range. I’ve put together my first EWAR building and I’m quite pleased with the result – next it to try and paint it!




1 Comment on Scratch-built scenery update

  1. Very nice! I’d be interested in how you do the rural stone walls – I’ve been experimenting with glueing gravel to cardboard, but that was more work (and mess) than I expected…

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