More painted scenery…

I mentioned last week that I was working on some prototype walls for our 15mm scenery. Well, I’ve finished them:

DSCF3422 (1280x535)

Very pleased with these, so I think I’ll make a few more.

I’ve also finished painting the first EWAR building

DSCF3429 (1280x1070)

DSCF3427 (1280x1108)

DSCF3426 (1280x1173)

These aren’t too bad at all – I’m quite  looking forward to making up the others

4 Comments on More painted scenery…

  1. those walls are great how did you make them?

    • Based on tongue-depressors

      The rocks are those little stones you get from IKEA for use with flower arranging and vases.
      You also need some thick PVA glue, such as EVO-Stick wood glue.

      The basic method is to paint a thick line of PVA glue down the middle of the tongue depressor, and embed a line of stones in it. Leave to dry for 24 hours. Then run a second line of PVA glue along the top of the first row of stones, and pile on a second layer. Try and ensure that the majority of the second layer of stones stay on top of the first layer – this can get a little messy! Once this second layer is in place, leave the whole thing to harden – usually takes about 48 hours. You then add sand around the edges of the wall.

      Once everything is dry, paint and drybrush the walls and sand, and then add flock/static grass.

  2. Very nice walls and a simple method that produces better looking results than many resin walls. I also really like how you painted them. You achieved a nice, natural stoe tone, that is not too bright or too contrast rich. What colour combination did you use?

  3. Very nice! I tried something similar, but getting the second row of gravel unto the first was very messy indeed. I now see that I used too small stones, I needed 3 or 4 layers to get a noticeable height… will try your method.

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