Running up that road…

A quick update on the scenery project (sorry, no pics this time – maybe next week)

Last week I turned up a Dave’s with a roll of roofing felt, ready to start on our roads. The look of horror on his face as I walked in was enough to send me scuttling back to the car…

So, this week, I turned up with a much smaller roll of roofing felt.Though initially sceptical as to the idea, I assured him that with a bit of effort we’d quickly have lots of road sections made up.

Well, it took us a couple of hours, but after much cutting and painting, we were left with something like 18′ of road – lots of straights plus several curves and junctions -undercoated in black and waiting to be drybrushed and have edges applied. I’ve used a similar technique to the one displayed by Diane Sutherland in the June 2014 issue of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames magazine. We left the paint to dry – we’ll drybrush and apply the sand edges next week.

TFL KVLAfter we’d finished the roads, we still had a bit of time, so I suggested we have a go at a wheat field – I’d taken my coir mat along, just in case; especially as I’d seen the first scenario in the Kampfgruppe von Luck campaign and knew that we were going to need a lot of these sections (if you don’t believe me, checkout the Too Fat Lardies battle report) It only took about 10 minutes to cut out and stick the prototype together – Dave is going to work on it this week, so I think that next week will see us making quite a few sections of this stuff.

In the mean time, my task is to go away and cut out the sections for making dirt roads and also a river, as well as getting around to the other 8.5′ of walls I’m meant to be building.

Hopefully next week will see some picks – at least a WIP.

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