Monolith Board Games make history

History was made yesterday, around 17:55 GMT, when the Conan Kickstarter project, from Monolith Board Games, finished it’s funding period.

Conan KS

The final figures for the Kickstarter were quite staggering:

16.038 Backers, raising a total of $3,327,757.

This makes it not only the most successful boardgame Kickstarter ever, but the most successful tabletop game Kickstarter ever, as it even beat Reaper’s ‘Bones II’ project.

Podcast host’s Mike Hobbs and Mike Whitaker were both on this project reasonably early…I backed it very much at the last minute (the ghost of ‘Heroes of Normandie’ was looming large!) Considering the bundle they have on offer, it’s a really good deal.

Obviously, now the the hard work for Monolith begins, They’ve built some very big expectations over the last few weeks, and have a huge undertaking to deleiver to 16.000+ customers.

But they can take a well deserved breather for a couple of days knowing that, even in a small way, they are history makers.

Congratulations guys!

10 Comments on Monolith Board Games make history

  1. So, how much did you throw into this?
    (I’m still very proud that I stopped myself at the $90-level)

  2. I’m in at the barbarian level which gives the best value IMO. I’m surprised you didn’t mention this KS on here whilst it was live.

    • Totally selfish reason – I didn’t mention it primarily because I was avoiding it 🙂
      I only looked at it following a tweet from Mike on the final day…

  3. We all know Neil needs a bunch more models to paint. 🙂

  4. I went all “ooh shiny” untill I realised the number of previous Kickstarter games I got without playing so far… and there’s still another few inbound…
    I actually resisted temptation for once 🙂

  5. Mervyndouglas // February 14, 2015 at 15:16 // Reply

    I only came in at the “king” level late on too…that was Mike’s (Hobbs) fault…which makes a nice change as it’s nearly always Neil’s fault…!! 😉

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