Proposed new wargamming club in Abergavenny – open day this Sunday (March 1st)

Podcast host Mike Hobbs is involved in a new venture.

As part of the new Abergavenny Community Centre’s open day this coming Sunday, March 1st, he and regular gaming opponent Mark are looking to drum up some interest interest in a new wargames club.

They will be running demo games of To The Strongest and Open Combat all day.

Details are as folllows:


10 Comments on Proposed new wargamming club in Abergavenny – open day this Sunday (March 1st)

  1. What a fine idea! I do hope that it goes well, wish I could be there!

  2. What is Mike going to be doing – Welsh dancing ?

  3. Commander roj // February 25, 2015 at 23:13 // Reply

    All the best to Mike in this venture, I am intrigued by the mix of origami, first aid, sensory room, humus and….Open Combat. There must be a show in this!

  4. thanks for all the comments chaps, I think its going to be an interesting day. The idea behind this is to get the community using this shared space for lots of events or clubs. Marks idea to form a wargames club is just one use for the space available and we are hoping that we can drum up some support for it between the other things that are going on.

    I promise any images of me dancing with my face painted will be destroyed before Neil gets a chance to post them 😉

    • Hi Mike, managed to miss this. What’s the prospects looking like for the club? Depending on when in the week/month, there’s a few of us in the Forest of Dean club who’d be up for it.

  5. Commander roj // February 27, 2015 at 14:18 // Reply

    If you paint your own face, does that count as a figure painted? We need to see those pictures!

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