Deep Cut Studio mats

Whilst visiting Spartan Games yesterday, I had chance for a rare face-to-face catch up with fellow Podcast host Mike Hobbs.

We talked about To The Strongest in episode #140, and Mike has since obtained a custom-made 4′ x 3′ gridded terrain mat from Deep Cut Studio for playing this game: It’s very nice indeed

DSCF3909 (1280x901)

DSCF3913 (1280x903)

6 Comments on Deep Cut Studio mats

  1. That’s very nice. I need one.

  2. Commander roj // March 16, 2015 at 16:13 // Reply

    So they are normal grid squares, not offset. Can you move on the diagonal in “To The Strongest”?

  3. Commander roj // March 17, 2015 at 00:23 // Reply

    Seems like an elegant mechanic then.

  4. Just got some similar vinyl mats from
    Would appear that being vinyl, you can use dry wipe pens. My grassy and desert ones will be marked out for TTS. I’m thinking blood bowl style crosses rather than a full grid. If I hand draw that it’d look too messy. I like the subtlety of the markings on the deep cut one.

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