Deadzone: Infestation launches on Kickstarter…funds in 13 minutes

deadzone infestaionMantic Games have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Deadzone: Infestation.

Described as “Deadzone 1.5”, this Kickstarter will launch a new, smaller starter box for this skirmish game, which will include a new faction – the Veer-Myn.

Other addition include a hardback rulebook, and new playmat and a new ‘industrial’ battlezone.

It’s perhaps something of a mixed bag for those of us who backed the original Deadzone Kickstarter, with some nice looking models, some average and some “interesting” models (The D.O.G. Drone – REALLY??)

It’s a shorter campaign than normal for Mantic, although it’s already amassed almost 1300 backers and is over 250% of it’s funding target – having hit it’s $50,000 goal in 13 minutes.

Deadzone is a good game, and if you missed it first time around, it’s an opportunity to get a discount starter set (though it’s worth noting that delivery is not until January 2016). Worth keeping an eye on – even if only for a nice rulebook and some new terrain.

2 Comments on Deadzone: Infestation launches on Kickstarter…funds in 13 minutes

  1. I play Deadzone a lot. It’s a great game. I’m mostly excited for the new terrain and the hardback, rewritten rulebook. The new factions and models? I’ve already got a pile of unpainted Deadzone models. I have 2 factions painted, and I enjoy playing those, I don’t feel the need to paint another faction.

    • David

      I feel very much the same to be honest. I have more Deadzone models than I actually need, but the new terrain and rulebook…

      Here’s hoping that they produce that new terrain mat in the same way that they did with the original.


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