Photographic evidence of my Salute visit

As photos of Salute appear all over the web, I do wonder if I ever manage to get caught on camera.

I’ve found a couple – one which was posed for, and the other which wasn’t

First off, the ‘posed’ shot – Bloggers meet up


The second one is from Big Lee’s photos – he managed to catch me chatting with Henry Hyde at the Le Haye Sainte Waterloo game early in the day – I didn’t manage to bump into Henry again after this…

Loughton Strike Force - Napoleon The Last Gamble - 28mm (10)

Physical evidence that I was there – even if several people managed to miss me completely!

I think that next year I will need to wear a more vibrantly coloured top – perhaps I need to take a leaf out of my son Josh’s book. He’s not facing the camera in this shot, but I wonder if you can spot him?

Sci-Fi Game (2)

4 Comments on Photographic evidence of my Salute visit

  1. I kept bumping into you Neil but totally missed Henry Hyde.

  2. Love the “vibrant shirt” idea! Publish it on the blog so everyone knows what to look for!

    • I’ll have to find something suitably loud. Mind you, the white Miniature Wargames T-Shirt does tend to stand out, so I might just ask Henry for one of those…I think I almost count as ‘staff’

  3. Glad you came to the Blogger meet-up, its a shame I didn’t get to have a chat.

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