Immortal from Broken Spirit Wargames

Calling all Saga and Dux Britianniarun players!

Don’t you just love it when a ruleset comes along which allows you to use your existing armies, but puts a different twist on things?

immortal 1

Have a look at the Kickstarter for Immortal, from Broken Spirit Wargames which is a new set of wargames rules set in Dark Age Britain, but a land where the forces of good and evil are made manifest…

It’s an ideal opportunity to use Dark Age human warbands alongside fantasy creatures – perhaps a use for my Ex-Illis minis?

imortal 2

The Kickstarter is to fund a 120 hardback rulebook. £8 will get you a PDF of the rules, whilst £20 will secure you a printed copy of the book. Additional pledges are also available. which include dice, tokens and some miniatures

Broken Spirit require £4.000 to fulfil the project – it ends on the 7th June.

BTW, one interesting thing is that if you look at the website, the game is using figures from a combination of two ranges from West Wind Productions – their ‘Arthurian’ range, but also their ‘Lucifer Wars’ range. This certainly looks like one to keep an eye on…

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