Podcast news update – 19th May 2015

Hi all – just a quick note, in case you’d thought we’d disappeared after the Salute show…

We’ve been busy in the background with some recording and arranging the next set of shows:

  • We are currently half-way through recording our review show for Planetfall. We should finish recording this on Friday this week.
  • Last night we recorded an interview with Andy Cooper of West Wind Productions. This should be published around the end of this week, or over the coming weekend.

We are also planning to record interviews with the following people / companies in the coming weeks:

  • Sam Mustafa
  • Radio Dish-Dash
  • Derek from Spartan Games (Halo Fleet Battles game designer)
  • Annie the Dice Bag Lady
  • Stuart from Great Escape Games (Cross of Iron)

I’m also visiting the UK Games Expo and Partizan at the end of May, and I’m taking my recorder – will hopefully grab some interviews whilst I’m there…

Hopefully this will whet your appetite for the coming shows – just got to cram some dates into the diary!

Cheers, Neil

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