A couple of cracking paint jobs…

CHxUkHeWUAATeo1If you don’t follow Mike Hobbs – wargamer, podcast co-host and all-round fine chap (see here resplendent in his Napoleonic regalia)  – on Twitter (@Wargamer_Mike) you may have missed a couple of rather nice paint jobs that  he’s been working on recently.

We pull Mike’s leg about using a painting service from time to time, especially since Mike is a pretty accomplished painter himself. He’s been painting up a selection of the Discworld miniatures from Micro Art Studios over the past few months.


His latest couple of figures are really good. First we have Rincewind:

…who looks rather nice. However he eclipsed this yesterday with his painting of Twoflower (if you remember, he is the Discworld’s first tourist), complete with Hawaiian shirt.


…which is simply fantastic.

4 Comments on A couple of cracking paint jobs…

  1. Just so everyone knows I don’t spend all my time dressed up in Napoleonic uniforms, only on occasional wednesdays

    • So you’re wearing different kinds of uniforms on all the other days of the year? 😉

      Those are some really nice paintjobs. Over the years I painted quite a lot of those Discworld minis for people all over the world and they are just amazing sculpts. A lot of fun to paint. Did you just get them for painting and the showcase or do you use them in games as well?

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