Episode #150 recording live, 19:30 BST tonight!

We are recording episode 150 of the Meeples & Miniatures podcast tonight,  at 19:30 BST

The plan is to record the show and then publish it pretty much immediately.

Regular listener Ken Whitehurst asked if we had a phone in available. We haven’t,  but we can do the next best thing and run a simultaneous live Twitter and Facebook chat during the show.

Check the feed links – the fun starts at  19:30 BST. We already have a list of questions,  but we will give shout outs during the show to people who tweet or follow us on FB

If you Tweet,  use #mandmisgreat (sorry,  that was Mr Hobbs idea)

15 Comments on Episode #150 recording live, 19:30 BST tonight!

  1. Not really the place to ask here but I’m looking for one of the games you mentioned in a previous podcast. It was a fantasy combat game that was like Warhammer. But i can’t remeber the name. I’m asking because GW just scraped Warhammer fantasy for some skirmish game instead. Its not Kings of war I mean but it was written by someone who used to work at GW. Anybody know? I have a lot (a lot!) of fantasy miniatures that really need some rules!

  2. Marcus Wheeler // July 15, 2015 at 20:42 // Reply

    What was that Jake Thornton one, “God Of Battles”?

    • Yes, that’s the one. Thanks a lot. Looking for alternatives now that my favorite game has gone light skirmish.

  3. Could you be thinking of Fantasy Warlord, published by Folio Works Ltd and designed by Ian Bailey & Gary Chalk? A far superior rules set to WHFB, IMHO!

    • If it is the one you were thinking of, I do have a copy

      • Andreas Wemmenhed // July 19, 2015 at 21:59 //

        ah no, it was “God of Battles” but I´ve googled some on Fantasy Warlord and it´s always nice to see whats out there. So thanks. GW pulling the Age of Sigmar thing (wich I didn´t like) might not has been so bad because it forces me to look to other rules that might even be better!

  4. Congrats on the Big 150. I do trust an appropriate amount of medicinal beverages were on hand throughout the show…

  5. Marcus Wheeler // July 17, 2015 at 09:39 // Reply

    I’m with Mike W with regard to Merchant Of Venus. the Avalon Hill version is my favourite game.

  6. Andreas Wemmenhed // July 19, 2015 at 22:17 // Reply

    I´m sorry I just write here in episode 150 but don´t really know if there´s a “open blog” topic that one can ask questions in?

    Just wondering where I can find the latest “view from the Veranda”? i think i recall you guys did one last not so long ago.

    and also, do you have any episode covering “the lord of the ring” rules from GW? i´ve heard it´s quite a good system but no one plays it?!?

    • Hi Andreas
      an open blog page isn’t a bad idea you know, it might be worth doing.

      anyway to answer your questions, VftV can be found here https://viewfromtheveranda.wordpress.com/ the last episode was recorded in 2013, but I have a feeling Henry has been on a Meeples show since then

      we didn’t review Lord of the Rings, mainly because none of us play it and also we tend to keep away from mainstream products, it might be worth having a look on TouTube to see if anyone has down a video review

      hope this helps


    • Andreas

      We did actually record a VftV episode at the start of 2015, which is available on the usual podcast feed – the link is here


      A good point about an ‘Open’ blog page – I think I’ll create a dedicated ‘Comments’ page for this purpose.

      As for GW: Lord of the Rings – as Mike said, we haven’t covered this because it’s a more mainstream game – as such it falls outside of the remit of our podcast


  7. Thanks a lot for the Link to the vftv episode. Tomorrows otherwise boring gardering work is now going to be less painful listening to you guys (hopefully :).

    I didn’t know that you guys didn’t cover mainstream games, I just thought you didn’t find the likes of 40k and Warhammer so intresting compared to all the other games out there.

    I myself just got feed up with 40k ( read got to old to care about powerfist this and spacewolf that ). And GW just took my 20+ game and turned it into Age of Sigmar so I’m wandering around the internet looking for guidance of where to spend my time and money. Though I still have my old, broken 3rd edition rulebook…but as one of you said recently, people don’t seem to be willing to play the older rules when there are newer. Even if those ( 8th edition) are just as dead now.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Always interesting listening to you but sometimes, perhaps, you could just compare some mecanics in games to the more mainstream ones. Just to hear your thoughts.

    • thanks for the feedback Andreas, I guess the biggest problem is none of us really play GW games anymore and that makes it difficult to review them. the subject of dead or dying rules is a good one though maybe another live round table episode is needed to chat about these kind of subjects

      I just need to stock up on wine first 🙂

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