Halo Fleet Battles – what’s in the box and painted examples

HFBB01-2As you may already have heard, if you have listened to our Halo Fleet Battles Podcast, our very own Mike Hobbs managed to squeeze a trip to Spartan Games last week, and grabbed some pictures of most of what is going to be in the Halo Fleet Battles box.

Here are a few pictures which we can now share with you:

Covenant ORS Heavy Cruiser & SDV Heavy Corvettes

Covenant ORS Heavy Cruiser & SDV Heavy Corvettes

USNC & Covenant model sprues

USNC & Covenant model sprues

Clear Flight Stands

Clear Flight Stands

Custom Game Dice

Custom Game Dice

Formation Overlays for the Flight Stands

Formation Overlays for the Flight Stands

Stats Sheets

Stats Sheets

Card Tokens (including fighters and bombers)

Card Tokens (including fighters and bombers)

Mike has also been working very hard over the weekend to paint a couple of fleets. Here they are, in all their glory – just to prove that you can do a great job on these without an airbrush!

Covenant Fleet





DSCF4623Here’s how he painted them:

Main colour

Undercoat with Army painter Alien Purple

Apply GW blue wash all over – leave to dry

Paint in base colour for the green glowing bits in the recesses (I use Foundry Jade)

Dry brush the model using Foundry Royal Purple all 3 shades

Highlight the green glowing bits using Foundry Jade medium and light shade then wash with GW light green wash

Secondary colour

Foundry Violet shade and medium

Highlight colour

Redwine stain shade and medium

Engine glow

Foundry Tomb Blue 3 shades

Other colours used – GW red wash to pull out some surface details, silver as pinpoint colour on some sections

Varnish the whole model with satin varnish and use gloss varnish on the glowing sections and red surface detail areas







Mike painted these like this:

Main Colour

army painter uniform grey undercoat – dust the top with PSC british armour green

vallajo green wash on top surface

GW black wash everywhere else

Drybrush Foundry granite med and light

Give final dry very light drybrush of P3 Pig Iron


P3 Pig iron – washed with GW black wash, highlighted with Pig Iron

Engine glow

Foundry Tomb Blue 3 shades

Highlights 2 very think layers of white

Use light yellow and red to dot on highlight sections (for landing lights, portholes etc)

Matt varnish



I think you’ll agree that Mike has done a great job with these!

4 Comments on Halo Fleet Battles – what’s in the box and painted examples

  1. These look great. Nice job Mike. Can’t wait to get mine, (hopefully today), although I doubt they will end up looking anywhere near as good as these.

  2. Marcus Wheeler // July 26, 2015 at 16:09 // Reply

    Based on the pictures I was interested to note something I didn’t pick up on from the podcast. Some of the larger ships had escorts integrated into the base. I wondered if that was a tactical deployment choice. In this case, an option to provide a close escort or not?

  3. Marcus Wheeler // July 27, 2015 at 17:14 // Reply

    Thanks Neil. That is a very interesting idea. How to resist…

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