Back in the painting groove

Recently I have managed to start painting again after a couple of months off. The first job was to clear my painting desk of the part-painted Najelwitz Normandy buildings that had been sat there since the start of the summer.

Initially, I wasn’t very happy with them, as the finish on the render was not very good (You may have spotted these on Twitter)

_20150825_102738 _20150825_103018However, we played a game of Chain of Command over the weekend, and put them on the table. It has to be said, when viewed at ‘wargamer range’ they don’t look that bad at all.


The buildings are available as resin kits from the 15mm Normandie range of Najelwitz Modellbau in Germany.

4 Comments on Back in the painting groove

  1. They do look nice to me.

  2. Very nice, matey! All you need now are turnips, cabbages and bedding plants for those gardens… Fear not, Diane Sutherland is coming to the rescue soon. 😀

  3. I think the buildings look good as they are. You could add soem more weathering, but overall they look the part.

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