“Dead Man’s Corner”

Following on from completing my painting of my Najelwitz Modellbau Normandy buildings (see yesterday’s blog entry) and the Normandy Farmstead I had one building left to construct / paint from the Normandy Bonuspack – “Dead Man’s Corner” (which you get for free if you buy the bonuspack deal)


This building was used as the headquarters of the 6th Falschirmjager Regiment during the defence of Carentan on and immediately after D-Day. It is now the home of the Dead Man’s Corner Museum


The kit from Najelwitz Modellbau is (I believe) the only model of this building available in 15mm scale.
I built and painted this over the space of a couple of afternoons. The kit is generally pretty good, although there is a fault in the railings on the staircase, and the two railing pieces do not join up. However, this is easily fixed with a piece of plastic sprue and some filler. Due to the way the roof is constructed (it’s in 3 pieces) my usual method of assembling these buildings so that the roofs are removable didn’t quite work, as it left an unsightly gap just above the line of roof windows. As a result, I ended up gluing the entire roof in place, as I used filler on the gap in the front roof sections.

dead mans corner
The final model looks nice on the table, though I am told by Dave that it’s far too clean and needs a lot more dirt adding to it – which is always a worry as this bit that I tend to mess up!

1 Comment on “Dead Man’s Corner”

  1. Very nice, I painted one of these myself a while back.

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