The Other Partisan purchases

During my visit to The Other Partizan yesterday, I did succumb to a couple of purchases – mainly thanks to Ade Deacon’s excellent looking table layout that he published on Twitter last week

IMG_20150826_231727 “That’s what I’m missing – a railway!” – as luck would have it, Ironclad Miniatures were set up close to the entrance of the show, and had some very nice resin track for sale.

So, purchases made – 6′ of railway track, a couple of platforms (though I have since discovered that these might be surplus to requirements, and the station I’m look at buying already has a platform in the kit) and a concrete bunker.

The Matt Medium is for using with weathering powders, when I finally get around to painting my tanks…


4 Comments on The Other Partisan purchases

  1. I’m a huge fan of Ironclad, he’s based in Wales and is a damn fine bloke

  2. I know Neil is gaming in 15mm. I found that “TT” scale track 1:100, works perfectly. There are also quite a few, in Europe anyway, options and accessories for it.

  3. I just went down the TT road for 15mm – tracks are easy & cheap to source, but the trains are incredibly expensive… I thought about scratch building coaches, but even spare parts are rather pricey. Maybe I’ll get some Peter Pig resin trains.

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