Meet me at the station…

Following yesterday’s post about 15mm train track, I thought I’d share a solution that Ade Deacon found to the question of ‘Where do I get at 15mm railway station?”

railway stationThe building in this shot (again, from Ade Deacon’s excellent Chain of Command game from last week – posted on Twitter) started life looking a bit different. It’s actually this kit:

13231This is Altmittweida Station, produced by Auhagen (You can find it at their shop here). It is a TT Gauge plastic kit, which is 1:120 scale.

Given a different colour scheme, it doesn’t look at all out of place in Ade’s Normandy town.

1 Comment on Meet me at the station…

  1. It looks pretty good! I have found several good 3d renders of buildings that I print and glue onto board for quick good looking buildings.

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