New buildings from Sally 4th spotted at The Other Partizan

You know you have been looking at model scenery too long when you walk past a table, look at some buildings and stop dead, thinking “Oh, I haven’t seen those before”.

DSCF5064The game was Bolt Action, but it was the buildings that caught my eye. These are a new range of Normandy MDF buildings which Sally 4th are going to be launching in October, probably via Kickstarter

We have some town houses…


A detached house…


And a very nice looking church…


DSCF5069The difference with these buildings is that the have separate detailed windows and doors (so, for example, you can get stained glass windows in the church) and they also have separate stone / brick / plaster sheets which can be downloaded and stuck to the outside of the buildings, so that the building look much more realistic, and less like MDF.

These are made in the same way as Sally 4th’s range of British buildings

DSCF5073If you don’t have a printer, Sally 4th also sell a self-adhesive set of these overlays for each building. As well as exteriors, you can also purchase extra, interior detailing

DSCF5076Essentially, you can have a building as just a shell (which will be fine for many wargames), or with full detail to skirmish in. I really liked the look of these – they certainly provide another alternative to painted MDF buildings.

You can find full details on the Sally 4th website

3 Comments on New buildings from Sally 4th spotted at The Other Partizan

  1. They look very nice.My only complaint would be lots of straight lines again the curse of the wargamers. Real buildings,walls,roads and villages have curves in them 😩

  2. The houses look good for mdf. But, with that square topped tower rather than a steeple, the church is not at all typical of Normandy.

  3. What we are planning to do is to have an interchangable Tower / Steeple, however when I was in Normandy doing research earlier this year the Church which has the smallest Commonwealth War Grave Cemetry did have a square tower.

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