Review – Saga:Northern Fury

Rating: 4 stars

SAGA_Northern_Fury_73163The Saga rules, published by Gripping Beast, have taken the wargaming world by storm over the years, and are still proving to be very popular.

Northern Fury was the first of several supplements which contained additional new factions to add to the existing factions from the core rulebook, plus an addition multi-player scenario.

The 22 pages book was produced in paperback in full colour (similar to the original rules)

The four factions in this booklet are Scots, Anglo-Saxons, Bretons and Jomsvikings. Each faction is presented with page giving a brief outline of their history, details of a couple of heroes that can be used in the game, plus full explanations of the new abilities that these factions have.

In addition to the rulebook, you are also provided with a battleboard for each faction in the book, which is required to play the game.



Each of the factions in this book has a significant number of different abilities to the original Vikings, Anglo-Danes, Normans and Welsh. These, however, have been rigorously playtested in order to provide forces that are fully balanced both with each other, and with what has gone before.

Anglo-Saxon Warband

Anglo-Saxon Warband

As an added bonus, because of the make-up of the Anglo-Saxons, Bretons & Jomsvikings, you are able to play these forces without having to buy completely new armies. The Anglo-Saxons, for example, can easily be used with the core force of an existing Anglo-Dane army – just add a mounted unit of Hearthguard and a different force of spear armed Levy troops – plus perhaps a new Warlord figure.

Scots Warband

Scots Warband

To give you some idea of how the new factions play, Bretons are a majority mounted force, who can make use of javelins but do not do well in melee combat. Anglo-Saxons benefit from having larger formations of troops, thus encouraging the player to have fewer, big formations on the table. Jomsvikings are an elite fighting force, who can force their opponent to make them angry and give them extra abilities, whilst Scots tend to be a counter-attacking force who rely on several abilities that are specific to spearmen.

Breton Warband

Breton Warband

The rulebook is very well produced in full colour, and contains several photos of well-painted miniatures from Gripping Beast – just in case you needed any extra inspiration.

Whilst not essential to play Saga, Northern Fury provides players with a very well crafted supplement containing new forces to use in the game.

The book is available from Gripping Beast for £12.00

If you want to hear more about Saga: Northern Fury, we talked about it on Episode 87 of the podcast.

Disclosure: Gripping Beast provided a review copy of this game for review purposes

1 Comment on Review – Saga:Northern Fury

  1. Great news. I never could win with charging Normans, perhaps feigned flight javelin throwing Bretons would be better!

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