Battle Systems City Block for Post-Apocalyptic scenery

Battle Systems posted a picture of their ‘City Block’ pledge on their Facebook page over the weekend – this is for their new Post-Apocalyptic range of modern scenery, which launches a 30-Day Kickstarter campaign on Friday this week.FB_IMG_1442221640772This scenery covers a 2′ x 2′ board, and is likely to cost about £78. Whilst the campaign, if it follows the same pattern as their previous two, is likely to have lots of extra free content unlocked, it still means that covering a 4′ x 4′ board (which is the average side board that you will need for most Zombie Miniatures Games) will still come with a price tag of around £300.

Whilst I’m a huge fan of Battle Systems (both their Sci-Fi and Fantasy terrain sets are great), and this new terrain does look equally good (I’ve seen the prototype ‘in the flesh’ at Salute and UK Games Expo this year) it is in a niche which I’m not sure warrants that outlay of cost (at least for me) – do I really want to spend that much money on what will essentially be a zombie game, and may not reach the table that often? Or should I simply use my existing sci-fi terrain (which is either from Deadzone, or is built from the old GW Necromunda bulkheads), and if I want to play a zombie game, simply set it in the future – which is probably the more sensible, practical solution…

Sensible? Practical? Not words I’m used to using when it comes to wargaming…I must be getting old

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