Deep Cut Studios mats for ‘To The Strongest!’ arrive at The Big Red Bat Shop

DCS plain matsThe Big Red Bat Shop – home of Simon Miller’s To The Strongest! Ancients rules – is now stocking battle mats.

These are sourced from Deep Cut Studios  – a Lithuanian company that you may have heard both myself and Mike Hobbs speak very highly of in the past.

The mats that Simon is stocking are 6′ x 4′. They are made of cloth, and are imprinted with the DCS ‘Plains’ design. They also have a 15cm x 15cm square grid printed onto them, allowing for the TtS system to be used easily.

Simon used several of these mats during his recent Dark Age game at The Other Partizan. As you can see from the picture below, when viewed from more than a few feet away, the grid is unobtrusive:


But is well defined for actual play:

DSCF4990Simon has priced these at £49.90, which is a significant saving on the direct order price (from Deep Cut Studios, the same mat would cost you £54.90 plus £10 p&p.

When I spoke to Simon at The Other Partisan, I did suggest that he may want to consider stocking other sizes (you will see my own, 2′ x 3′ mat on tomorrow’s blog post) He’s certainly open to the suggestions – if you want a different size, why not drop Simon a line?

You can order these mats here

3 Comments on Deep Cut Studios mats for ‘To The Strongest!’ arrive at The Big Red Bat Shop

  1. Simon Miller // September 16, 2015 at 14:55 // Reply

    Thanks Neil! After our chat at Partizan I ordered a new batch in different sizes and with different grids, also some plain ones and some in a very striking “wasteland” design, these should all hit my shop around Friday. If anyone wants a particular mat, please drop me a line at simonmiller60 at gmail dot com; if I don’t have it, I’ll order it in.

    Best, Simon

    • hi Simon my mate Mark played your game at Partizan and commented on the cloth mats you had on display, we’ve only used the PVC ones till now, but I understand the cloth ones are very good so I should invest in one

      • Simon Miller // September 16, 2015 at 20:51 //

        Hi Mike, I originally bought the vinyl ones in error; they are good (the print looks brilliant on them) but the glare is an issue if photographing. Would be great, though, for a game like D&D where you draw on the mat.

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