My custom ‘To The Strongest!’ mat

I has the opportunity to christen my latest mat from Deep Cut Studios this evening – it was a custom ordered vinyl mat, using their ‘Plains’ design

DSC_4866 (1280x760)

The mat is 3′ x 2′ (easily fits on a dining room table. as you can see) and has a 3″ square grid printed on it

DSC_4868 (1280x624)

This has been made specifically to play the ‘To The Strongest!’ rules using our existing 6mm Baccus Ancients armies, which are on 60mm x 30mm bases. We played a ‘learning game’ tonight – even without any other scenery on the mat it looks pretty good:

_20150917_204750 (1280x536)

2 Comments on My custom ‘To The Strongest!’ mat

  1. hi neil is there any reason why you went with the PVC mat as opposed to the cloth mats? The cloth mats are slightly more expensive and seem to me from the videos ive watched that they have a tendency to look creased and need ironing all the time

  2. Do you think the mats might look even better if they printed just the corner dots and left off the lines? Might be worth them considering?

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