More CERI Design mats available

Cobbled street with added snow/ice

I posted a blog a couple of days ago about the CERI Design Kickstarter
This followed on well from our Frostgrave review show, although the project didn’t have a mat that was particularly suitable for using Frostgrave…

However, with the latest update to the project, this has now changed, as they have released four new designs, including 3 cobbled streets (one with a snow/ice effect overlayed) and a forest floor.

Cobbled street

Cobbled street

Cobbled street with added snow/ice

Cobbled street with added snow/ice

These are great additions to this project – although if you were only ordering a single mat, the grey cobbled mat is probably more versatile than the one with snow effect (as you could use if for Frostgrave and Empire of the Dead, to name a couple of games)

wargaming_terrain_mat_cobblestone_3When compared to the Deep Cut Studio Cobbled mat, the patterning on the DCS mat is much more random, and looks more natural – there is a discernible ’tile’ effect on the CERI design mat.

Having said that, how apparent the tiling effect will look, once scenery has been added on top of the mat, is open to question.

One thing is certain, if you were to order the mat from Deep Cut, it would cost between £32.90 and £35.90 (incl. postage) depending upon if you ordered the vinyl or cloth mat. When compared to £19 (post incl.) for the CERI mat, I think the value overcomes the pattern issue.

Forest floor mat

Forest floor mat

1 Comment on More CERI Design mats available

  1. I’m surprised more companies that make gaming mats haven’t made a frozen ruined city type mat for Frostgrave, given its popularity. I’m not too impressed by this one though – it looks rather bland.

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