Time for a shameless eBay plug…

I was looking through some boxes at the weekend, and found a few more Games Workshop bits and pieces that I have decided to part with.

These include about 50 copies of White Dwarf:

ebay 5ebay 4

These go from Issue 227 through to Issue 304 (though it’s not a complete collection) – I think they were primarily kept as they contained scenarios for the Lord of the Rings game. They have been kept in plastic upright magazine files, so are in pretty good condition. It says something when my most recent issue of WD is now 10 years old.

I’ve found a few more of the original Rogue Trader ‘beaky’ Space Marines

ebay 6 ebay 7

Remember when all you needed to fix a tank was a REALLY BIG wrench?

And finally, I’m getting rid of my painted Eldar – the second army I ever painted after my Ultramarines. I’ll be the first to admit that the paint jobs are pretty shocking, but these are the classic Eldar Aspect Warriors, and can be stripped and repainted without too much hassle

ebay 2ebay 1

ebay 3You can find details of all the models and magazines I have for sale here

1 Comment on Time for a shameless eBay plug…

  1. Nothing wrong with an eBay plug😀

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