Bowing to the inevitable

After finishing the rivers yesterday, my immediate elation was tempered by the thought that I, in fact, hadn’t seen the last of painting water, as I still had a couple of lakes / ponds and several marsh areas still to make.

And then a thought struck me – did we actually need these immediately?

The answer, rather surprisingly, was ‘No’.

red-500x500As you are probably aware, for our games of Chain of Command I have taken the role of the Germans (as I rather like playing that army with its great selection of vehicles) whilst Dave Luff has chosen British Paras.

As a result, I have been hunting around for scenarios that we can play. I have a copy of Red Devils in the Night, a scenario book originally written for Battleground World War II. This details 12 scenarios of the actions of the 6th Airborne on D-Day, from the first assault on Pegasus Bridge to the initial defence of Benouville. Whilst the scenarios will need some conversion work, they should generally work quite well.

TFL KVLFollowing on from that, almost immediately from a chronological point of view, we have the Kampfgruppe Von Luck campaign book from Too Fat Lardies. This mini-campaign for Chain of Command follows the defence of Ranville by 6th Airborne from the counter-attacks of the aforementioned Kampfgruppe – part of 21st Panzer Division. This campaign provides, at a bare minimum, another 5 games to play.

OrneFinally, I have just picked up the Skirmish Campaigns book Normandy ’44 – Red Devils of the Orne. This book looks at some of the other actions of 6th Airborne around the Orne river bridgehead, but rather nicely stays away from the Benouville / Ranville area, this providing a further dozen different scenarios to play.

Not a lake or marsh amongst any of these scenarios, so it’s likely that we won’t be needing this for well over 6 months…

…which means that, with the exception of a few walls, a few more buildings (we need a chateau) and some bunkers, we are about ready to go.

So what is the inevitable that I have to bow to, you ask?

…well, it’s about time I actually started to paint some figures…

2 Comments on Bowing to the inevitable

  1. What?! Paint figures? You must be joking man!


  2. You’ll enjoy it once you get started!

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