Another company producing mats

Don’t know if you’ve seen these on Twitter, but a new company, Urbanmatz, has been sending out notifications that it’s just launching it’s range of products. They are based in Prague.


These are neoprene backed mouse-mat material – they look good quality on the website


img-7515The quality of the printing does look very nice indeed…

10 14

…although their cobblestone mat could do without the added blood splatters, IMO


Surprisingly, the company does not produce any space mats…

Price wise, the 6′ x 4′ mats are 59 Euros, with the 3′ x 3′ mats being the cheapest at 35 Euros. Shipping starts at 12 Euros (to the UK) – so the prices are in fact comparable to those of Deep Cut Studios, although shipping for multiple items is more expensive.

It looks like the mats are currently available to pre-order, and will be shipped on or after the 7th December. They currently have a special offer of a free carry case with each mat ordered.

5 Comments on Another company producing mats

  1. Nice looking mats!

  2. Aníbal Invictus // September 29, 2015 at 20:54 // Reply

    Nice models.
    I suggest taking a look to the warmats of Barrage Miniatures
    These are high quality textured mats not just printed

  3. Anibal – appreciate the difference in quality that Barrage Miniatures warmats provide, but at 200+ Euros per mat, I think I’ll pass…

  4. we are listening to you guys and we just announced the Cobblestone Battlefield version without blood splatters so that people can have more choices ! And we are also already working on the Space mat so follow us on our facebook page to get all the info ! Thanks for supporting us !

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