The Great War – the tanks are coming!

tgw tankFollowing the successful launch of The Great War boardgame earlier this year, PSC Games are now launching the first expansion for the game, again via Kickstarter.

tgw tank 2

The Great War: Tank Expansion adds tanks to the WW1 battlefield, and includes:

2 x British MK IV males
2 x British MK IV females

tgw tank 4
2 x German A7Vs

tgw tank 3The game also includes three scenarios which uses the British Whippet light tank – these are available as an add-on

tgw tank 5

The tanks will come pre-assembled with a basic paint job.

The project is running until the 29th October. The base game is £35, with the Whippet tanks being £15 for a set of three

You can find out more information, and back the project here

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