The Heresy Dragon – Part I – Introduction

If you have been following Mike Hobbs on Twitter, you will know that he has spent the last few weeks  building and painting his Heresy Dragon> Here is a full account of how he built and painted it…

It all started in Summer 2008, Andy Foster the owner, sculpter, packer and tea boy at Heresy miniatures decided to extend his range and make a dragon.

To be honest I think he was pressurised by his customers to make one, because he has a reputation for making fantastic large fantasy miniature and a dragon would be the pièce de résistance of his range.

Andy has always said that he thought it would take a few months to sculpt and no-one would buy it anyway, but he bowed to his customers wishes and made a start on the build. He also started taking pre-orders but was very clear that the model wasn’t finished and people might not get the finished article for a while, but people myself included trusted Andy and signed up for one of the beasts.

In October 2010 the sculpt was completed (it took a bit longer then Andy thought) and images of it started appearing across the internet


Let’s just say the production of the model didn’t go to plan, it was complex, very complex, Andy started work with Fenris games to produce the miniature but that had its own issues and he was forced to resculpt and reengineer many parts. This all took time and resources and meant Heresy miniatures started to suffer as new products were not coming out and sales were lagging, rumours started circulating that Heresy was in trouble.

But through it all Andy kept people informed of developments and small numbers of dragons started to be delivered. Mostly the news from Andy was bad as new issues compounded older ones and in the end Andy had to sell his house, lay off his staff and try to manage on his own. He taught himself to produce resin moulds and took all the mould making and production in house. But oddly throughout the whole ordeal people still ordered the dragon, despite the warnings of delays that Andy posted on the site.

As you would expect the vultures started to circle Heresy miniatures, Andy was called every name under the sun, he was vilified on line and his reputation was dragged through the mud. But throughout it all Andy said that everyone who ordered a Dragon would get one and a few of us believed him and trusted him.

As I write this article Andy has finished production of the Dragons, it took him 7 years to do but he did it. The Dragon is no longer available for sale, the moulds are all spent and if you want one well frankly it’s too late.

Hopefully now Heresy miniatures can return to normal, Andy has his Kickstarter to fulfil but he looks on course to get that completed later this year and he has learnt new skills that mean Heresy should now start to move forward, so maybe it wasn’t a completely wasted venture.

So whilst this could be seen as an interesting tale of how not to produce a model, you are all probably wondering why I’ve taken the time to write about it.

Well its simple as I mentioned above I ordered a Dragon back in 2010 and was number 122 in the queue.

In January 2015 I received a large box from Heresy that contained my Dragon, I carefully unpacked it and laid the parts out on my table, this is what it looked like


It was big, very big, it was also some of the best resin moulding I’ve ever seen, so I did what every self-respecting wargamer would do and I put it back in the box and put it somewhere safe.

But a little while ago I took it back out the box and started to assemble it, and that why I’m writing this article, I thought it would be fun to share the experience with you all. For the people who have the model and haven’t started it yet, hopefully it’ll help you assemble yours and for those who didn’t buy one, well maybe you’ll turn green with envy and realise that sometimes you have to trust people to deliver on their promises

Over 300 people trusted Andy and look what we’ve got in return.

Andy has written a full history of the Dragon saga, it’s well worth a read

In the next article I’ll go into the assembly of the model

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  1. What we really want to know is, did the dragon eat the dragon eat the Blakes 7 project?

  2. Ooops, I cant type!

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