Christening the river

Gaming last night saw Dave and I chatting about scenery, reviewing what models we may still need for our planned epic Airborne campaign and me showing off the finished rivers (As Dave hadn’t seen them in the flesh yet).

DSC_0020When I initially told him how much (in length) of river I’d made, Dave was a little sceptical – so the first thing I did was to display why I’d made of 7′ in length of river.

His next question was…”So have we enough for a river and a canal, and can we fit it onto the same board?”


We then had a quick play around, just to prove that the river blended in as intended with the board and the roads we’d made at the start of the year:

DSC_0034BTW – The tank and British Paras are Dave’s. The AVRE featured (briefly!) in our last Chain of Command Game – I haven’t had chance to post the AAR yet.

Finally, we set up a table for our final CoC practice game – Scenario #6. The Germans will be assaulting the British, and trying to recapture the bridge:

DSC_0037All set up and ready to go for next week (we played the Patrol Phase, but didn’t actually get around to the game itself)

BTW – the upshot of our conversation was along the line of…we need more buildings (we have our eyes on the other Normandy house set from Najelwitz), a Horsa Glider (which should hopefully be procured at Derby this weekend) and the odd vehicle.

Oh…and I need to pull my finger out and get on with painting some figures and vehicles!

Apologies to anyone who follows me on Twitter – you may well have seen these pics last night.

1 Comment on Christening the river

  1. Jonathan Charles // October 2, 2015 at 17:32 // Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous looking table, everything really does blend in quite nicely!

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