The Heresy Dragon – Part IV – Painting the Beast (Part 2)

In the fourth part of his series on building and painting Heresy’s Dragon model, Mike Hobbs delves into painting the details of the beast.

Before we start I should warn you this is a big article with lots of pictures.

When we left the build I had finished painting the body of the dragon and was about ready to attach the body to the rock. Before I did that though I painted the armour scales on the base of the leg using the 4 shades as described in the last article

The body of the dragon attaches to the base by 3 points, that’s the 2 legs and the right hand which grips the tree stump. The leg joins were easy as I’d inserted pins in the legs and drilled receiving holes into the base, the hand would be a bit trickier as I had to glue the palm of the hand to the tree and then bend the fingers around the trunk.

So firstly I glued the legs to the base and left it to dry, then I marked where the hand rested on the tree and gently removed some paint between the 2 sections to allow the glue to stick the resin together. Then I waited for that to dry before I went for the tricky bit, using a hairdryer and some silver foil to protect the rest of the model, I slowly heated up each finger and bent it into position. This did take a while and I did damage some paint on the base but eventually I got the fingers into position, as I said in the build article I probably should have left the hand unattached and used water to soften the fingers but I didn’t. (Lesson learnt)

Oddly I forgot to take a picture of the hand after doing all this but here’s one from later in the build.


But at last the body was now attached to the base and I then attached the tail section that I had also painted up with the main body colour




It was now time to paint all the spikes – and let me tell you there are a lot of spikes on this model! I wanted to use the same colours as I used on the leg armour (Black to Scarlet) so I started by undercoating them black.


Then I painted the first section of spikes to completion, just so I could sanity check that the colours worked. Luckily they looked great so I carried on painting each spike with the 3 colours





The next job was the head.

This is the focal point of the model so I wanted to spend a bit of time getting it right, I moved away from my basic palette here and added a few more colours. The eyes were painted yellow and jade, the inside of the mouth was painted dark purple with a few washes and glazes, whilst the tongue was painted dark green with yellow highlights



Once the inside of the mouth was done I base coated the teeth in a bone colour



Later on I finished off the teeth using Foundry boneyard (3 shades) and GW sepia wash

This left the horns, I really wasn’t sure what colour to paint these and in the end I decided to ignore everyone on twitter who said I should go for a bone colour and instead went for dark brown to match in with the base colour of the spikes. The horns took ages as I used lots of browns and reds with multiple washes to blend the colours together.


At this point my wife decided to take a picture of my painting as she started thinking I was getting a little too obsessed with this model, she is of course completely correct.


But by this stage I had broken the back of the work and was on the home stretch

In the next part of this series it’s time to paint some wings and do the final assembly

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