15mm Terrain Review – TheModelWarrior

We are at a little bit of a lull in our scenery making at the moment – although it’s clear that we need some more buildings; a few shops, plus at least one large building that can be used as a mansion/HQ.

Also, as I’ve said previously, it seems that it’s the little details that really start to bring wargames tables to life: gardens for buildings, vegetable patches, outhouses etc.

Since we’ve built our initial models using Najelwitz buildings, we are looking for other resin buildings rather than MDF. I can across a really good blog post the other day from The Model Warrior. This is a great blog, but specifically has a really good page which reviews 15mm World War II buildings. Having read that, we are now looking at a couple of other companies, rather than just Najelwitz – hopefully we can show the results of this on the table top soon.
model warrior Najelwitz

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  1. Those images really look the business.


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