UFO Squad is now available

Rating: 4 stars

ufo squad coverYou may remember back in episode 146 of the podcast, I interviewed Rusti Gregory or Crossover Miniatures about his Kickstarter for a new game: UFO Squad.

Well, I’m very pleased to say that these rules, and the associated figures, are now available to buy from the Crossover Miniatures webstore

The rules are written using the Ganesha Games rules mechanics – very similar to what you would find in something like ‘Flying Lead’ for example (as these are rules based on modern/Sci-fi weaponry)

The game is heavily inspired by the Microprose game X-COM UFO Defense – however, this is the original 1994 X-COM game, and not the reboot from a couple of years ago.


x-com-ufo-defenseIn this game, you control a squad of troops in either one-off missions, or in a campaign. There are 6 scenarios to choose from in the book, which give several variations on the ‘find and kill the aliens’ theme. The campaign system also allows for a limited research tree (though you don’t get to research advanced tech like laser weapons)

There are only two types of aliens in this initial game: Greys and Cryptozoids (think Chrysalids from the original computer game – nasty!)

The game is supported with a range of miniatures, MDF models and a forthcoming range of buildings – I’ll be looking at these in more detail during the week.

This is designed as a simple, fast play game in homage of what is, in my opinion, still one of the best computer games ever made. It’s worth a look; and at $9 for the PDF, it won’t break the bank.

Disclosure: Crossover Games provided a review copy of these miniatures / rules, and I was also involved in the editing process for the UFO Squad rules.

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