Review: UFO Squad – The Alien Threat

Rating: 3 stars

ufo squad coverI’ve been looking at the latest release from Crossover Miniatures: UFO Squad, in a couple of blog posts this week. Having looked at the rules (which I should say, I had a hand in editing) and the Human troops, in this blog post I’m turning may attention to the aliens.

There are two types of alien in UFO Squad: The Greys and the Cryptozoids

The Greys are the archetypal aliens of this type: short, large eyes, and fairly featureless. There are three different packs available – I’ll give you shots from the website and shots of the models as I received them:

Grey pack 1 – all with Laser Rifles

DSC_0009Grey-Aliens-Troops 1Grey pack 2 – again with laser rifles


Grey-Alien-Troops-2Grey pack 3 – Alien Characters (left to right: Grenades armed, Leader, Heavy Laser Blaster, Leader, PSI Alien)


Assault Disk


I think, as a general comment, that these figures are much better than the Humans. Funnily enough, there are not that many ‘Grey Alien’ models around, but these seem to fit the bill very well. A couple of the poses aiming the laser rifles look a little strange, as the rifle almost seem a little big, so are held strangely (i.e. the butt over the arm as opposed to being held into the shoulder) but generally they look OK. The Assault Disk is cast well, though it needs some cleaning up to remove some excess resin, and the crew fit well. The gun and gunner can be placed aiming anywhere around 3/4 of the disk. It has to be noted that the Disk is not supplied with a flight stand.

DSC_0006As a special on the Kickstarter, there is also an Alien Grey Supreme Commander, which is dressed like ‘Marvin the Martian’ from the ‘Looney Tunes’ cartoons – thus hinting at the origin of the Aliens.

As well as the Greys, the Aliens in UFO Squad have another species: the Carapace Aliens, or Cryptozoids.

These Aliens are large hulking beasts, and are deadly in close combat. This is the model pack for them:


Criptozoids---All-4Whilst the description in the game, and also the way that they kill people (remember Chrysalids from XCOM? These do the same thing…) intimate these are seriously nasty, the figures really don’t do justice – at least not in my opinion. Rather than angular, spikey and insect-like, these look more bulbous and cartoon-like, and I’m not really sure exactly what look the sculptor was aiming at with the heads. As a result they look comical rather than menacing.

Finally a size comparison of the Greys and Cryptozoids against a Human Trooper


Verdict: I think the Grey Aliens and the Assault Disk are good models – certainly the best in this UFO Squad range. As much as I like the Greys, I’m afraid that the Cryptozoids are not that great.

Disclosure: Crossover Games provided a review copy of these miniatures / rules, and I was also involved in the editing process for the UFO Squad rules.

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