Too Fat Lardies day – Sunday 18th October 2015

Since my good lady was away for the weekend, I found myself at something of a loose end. Luckily, I’d heard a rumour that a Lardy Games Day was being put on in St. Albans. After a brief e-mail discussion with Rich Clarke, they managed to squeeze Dave and myself in for the day, so off we went to St. Albans. After all, what could be better than a day’s gaming?

DSC_0019In the morning, I found myself pitted once again against Dave as we played Chain of Command. The game was being run by Dick Bax, who had brought along his fantastic table for playing the German Fallschirmjager attack on the Ypenburg airfield on May 10th 1940.

Dave played the Dutch defenders (3rd Battn, Regiment Grenadiers) whilst I was advising Nick Meredith, as we played the 1st Airborne Battalion of Fallschirmjager Regiment 2.

You can find out more historical details of the battle here

DSCF5118The game objective was for the Germans to capture the airfield building, as seen in the top left of the picture above.

DSC_0023The Germans advanced up the along the hedgerow, and once near the gate, came under attack from the Dutch defenders, hidden amongst the trees

DSC_0030The game quickly turned into a prolonged firefight across the road, with the Germans eventually being driven off, as the Dutch were more successful in concentrating their fire and whitling down the attackers

DSC_0033meeplesOther games in the morning included a game of Big CoC:


A fantastic looking table as always from Rich – but it’s amazing after playing CoC in 15mm, just how crowded a 28mm table looks…

There were also games of Sharpe Practice 2 and Sharpe Assegai (Sharpe Practice in the Zulu War)


The afternoon saw three more games. We had Napoleonic Chain of Command:

DSCF5134World War 1 Chain of Command:

DSCF5140And a game of Fighting Season – the up and coming modern variant of Chain of Command for gaming Afghanistan

DSCF5124I was observing the Fighting Season game, as I’d not seen it played before – it’s got some very different tweaks in the rules, but looks to be very good indeed.

We had a great day – many thanks to Rich and Nick for squeezing us in, and to everyone who went for making it a very enjoyable time.

1 Comment on Too Fat Lardies day – Sunday 18th October 2015

  1. Gutted I couldn’t get there to play. Car problems with both cars. Damn.

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