Dicestarter – 7TV Second Edition from Crooked Dice

Crooked Dice have launched a Dicestarter pre-order campaign for the second edition of their 7TV rules, which is being released as a box game:


From their website:

The core release is the boxed game. This contains all the rules and cards you need to play 7TV, with dice, counters, tokens and a blast template. The rules have been updated and mercilessly spellchecked from the free beta PDF version, and now come in two full colour rulebooks packed with background and photographs from the world of 7TV. The full components of the boxed set are:

48 page Director’s Guide book • 32 page Producer’s Guide book
74 Hero & 73 Villain profile cards • 27 status & objective tokens
45 Countdown cards • 20 Gadget cards • 20 Plot Point tokens
Blast & Flamethrower template • Pewter Maguffin miniature • Six D6

The pre-order campaign id running until the 29th November 2015.

We will be chatting to the guys at Crooked Dice next week, so expect to see a podcast about this soon

1 Comment on Dicestarter – 7TV Second Edition from Crooked Dice

  1. Looks good, but looking at what others are doing with boxsets for around that price, they should have thrown in some minis so you can play straight off. To be honest it is the first thing I hoped for when i saw the advert in a mag…..oh well.

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