Sally 4th Normandy terrain launches on Kickstarter

DSCF5064You may remember back in September I posted about a range of new buildings that I’d seen from Sally 4th at Partizan.

Well, Sally 4th have just launched a Kickstarter project to bring this range to market. The initial plan is to produce six buildings:

  • Normandy Mid-Terrace
  • Normandy Left Hand End-Terrace
  • Normandy Right Hand End-Terrace
  • Normandy Stone Built Detached Town House
  • Norman Church
  • Normandy Corner Shops

with a further six planned as stretch goals:

  • The House at Dead Man’s Corner
  • Normandy Cafe
  • Ruined Normandy Town House
  • Terrace Shop
  • Factory Buildings
  • Factory Admin Building

sally 4th normandy

These buildings are very nice indeed (I got to have a good look at them a Partizan) and have the great advantage the price of MDF buildings, whilst not looking like MDF buildings.

You have a long time to make up your mind, as the Kickstarter campaign is running until the 22nd December.

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