Mike Hobbs – 24 Hour Painting Marathon – Otherworld Miniatures

If you remember, back in Episode #157 of the Podcast, we spoke to Stuart McCorquadale of Great Escape Games about the annual Iron Man charity painting challenge.

Mike normally participates in this on the day, but was travelling to Peterborough for the Hereward Waregames show. So instead, Mike has spent the last 24 hours painting figures for this challenge. He painted two starter sets for the Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish Game: The Drow and an Adventurers pack. These were very kindly donated by Otherworld Miniatures.

If you follow Mike on Twitter (@Wargamer_Mike) then you would have seen the whole thing unfold. However, if you didn’t, here are the results of his efforts.

First off is the Drow Warband

Then we have some adventurers


These are all the figures that Mike has painted in the last 24 hours:


And this is the full set that is going to be auctioned for charity

This set will include the final painted adventurers (Mike will finish the final 3 figures this week), and also a full set of rules and cards for the Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish game. The full set, if bought new and unpainted, is worth £120. These will be auctioned soon, and details will be posted here.

In the meantime, if you wanted to donate to the Poppy’s Angels charity, simply follow this link.

A great effort by Mike – get some well deserved sleep mate!

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