Wargames Illustrated Paints

Wi paints coverWargames Illustrated have just released a new hobby guide entitled Wargames Illustrated Paints.

This is a collection of articles that have appeared in previous issues of WI magazine all about various aspects of painting, right from the basics of tools and what paints to use, right through to some advance techniques.

It includes various useful hints and tips for both the beginner and more experienced painter.

It includes some very useful articles, like how to paint various cloth effects, how to paint faces, painting horses and hints on how to paint various types of bases (how about mud and puddles, rather than just normal ground)

Probably not much new if you are a reader of WI, but if you aren’t then this may contain some material you haven’t seen before. And at £4.99 for the PDF (£5.95 for a hardcopy) this is a great, very affordable reference.

It’s always worth having this sort of book in your library. I’m sure I shall find this useful (eventually!)


1 Comment on Wargames Illustrated Paints

  1. That’s one worth getting – done!
    Thanks. 🙂

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