Tiger Terrain buildings -do they fit?


Having finished painting the Tiger Terrain buildings last week, I took them over to the Meeples Bunker on Thursday,and grabbed a photo alongside a couple of our existing Najelwitz buildings, just to check that everything was pretty much in keeping with each other

I think, as you can see from the photo, that these fit together rather well. This is very good news, and we will be picking up a couple more of these buildings, along with a fair amount of their walls to make up some gardens…though I’m waiting to see what ideas about making gardens are going to be written by Diane Sutherland in the latest Miniature Wargames issue before I make any final plans.

Besides, I really do need to paint some infantry and tanks…

1 Comment on Tiger Terrain buildings -do they fit?

  1. I agree they complement each other rather nicely.

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