To base or not to base?

On the last show we had a slight disagreement over whether it was OK or not to base 15mm vehicles (or maybe, vehicles in general).

This seems to have spilled over onto Twitter, so I thought I’d have a bit of fun and post a poll (which is something Twitter now allows you to do…)

So, if you have an opinion on whether vehicles look much better based, as it allows you to model the vehicle into its landscape, and gives you something to grab that doesn’t harm the paintwork…

…or you think that having an artificial concrete block glued to the wheels is a complete abomination…

you can now vote on it

The results will be revealed tomorrow…

7 Comments on To base or not to base?

  1. To elaborate on my tweet:

    Most of my vehicles are not based, but only due to the fact that they didn’t come with bases. Some are, because older(?) Battlefront wheeled vehicles came like that, so either is fine with me.

    On second thought, maybe a base isn’t a bad idea for vehicles which are a bit more prone to getting damaged. I’ve got these Matador trucks by Zvezda. Nice kit, very affordable, but these axles are VERY thin and will sooner or later break. So In this case maybe it’s worth a shot basing the models.

  2. I never base vehicles unless they are pulling an anti tank gun or something similar.

  3. Not on Twitter, but I’d vote ‘no’. Vehicles with bases tend to look their worst when the base they’re on depicts a field (for instance), and the vehicle then gets positioned on a road on the tabletop – or anything similarly incongruous. No base, no clash of terrain. Of course, you could say the same thing about infantry (and cavalry) … 😉

  4. Figures need bases otherwise they won’t stand up and fall over. Vehicles don’t need bases, they don’t fall over.

  5. I always base my 15mm WWII vehicles as it allows me to be consistent with the basing and I do think it protects the figures.
    but I wonder if thats a hangover from when I played Battlefront WWII where everything had to be based to work out ranges?

  6. I would say no but I’m talking 40k tanks so maybe irrelevant

  7. My vote for Yes: basing is visually enchancing (if you invest time and effort) and protects paint longer, saving the model from greasy hands grabbing the base instead of the model itself

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