The great basing debate

So, apparently the basing of vehicles is something of a polarising and emotive subject. Who knew?

Since posting my Twitter poll yesterday, the @mandmpodcast Twitter feed has been alive with comments…







The voting is closed, and I can reveal the final result…

It’s not the first time that I find myself a member of a minority, and yet holding the correct opinion 😀
I’m sure the debate will be renewed on the next podcast…

A big thanks you to everyone for taking part. The prize Tweet must be awarded to Lars Johansson – it certainly gave me the biggest laugh of the day


1 Comment on The great basing debate

  1. mcdouglas2015 // November 20, 2015 at 07:33 // Reply

    Pah, looks like I missed the voting part but I’m pleased to see that my team won….I do hope however that you haven’t cunningly couched the question to infer that basing other sized vehicles is somehow ok…because that ain’t right either!! 😉

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