More about buildings & scenery…

I had the pleasure of attending an all-day game at Wyvern Wargamers this last Sunday. Ade Deacon invited us down to play a game of Big Chain of Command.

We played over this table: DSC_0008a

I was struck, yet again, by what a difference it makes to a layout when buildings look like they are a part of the table, rather than simply being placed on the board.

The addition of walls, gardens and flowers, at least for me make a huge difference to the look and feel of a table.
Yet again, Ade has inspired me to look at our own collection of buildings, an aim towards making them a lot more ‘lived in’ looking.
I was enthusing a lot about this during the day (as you do) – Mr Luff (bless him) simply looked at me, rolled his eyes and was heard muttering “For goodness sake, just paint some bloody figures first!”
He may have a point…

5 Comments on More about buildings & scenery…

  1. Geoff Bond // December 8, 2015 at 14:23 // Reply

    Anyone can paint figures. Terrain making is an art! :0)

  2. Very beautiful table setup. It is true that the walls, gardens and hedges really fuse the buildings to the table. I also second the idea of adding little details that suggest habitation.

  3. For me, it was seeing pictures of tables like this that pulled me into this hobby to begin with. Now, making terrain is my favorite part of starting a new period or region. Don’t let anyone tell you that figures are more important!

  4. Very nice. So good in fact that the Next step must be to take it too a show and not talk to anyone (or even play the game)!

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