Aurelian now available

Aurelian coverBack in Episode 154 of the podcast, we talked with Sam Mustafa.

As part of that interview, he spent some time telling us about Aurelian, which was his next set of rules, based in 3rd Century Rome.

There was a plan at the time to try and produce this as a boardgame. However, it seems that this proved to be too problematic, so instead the game has now been published as a PDF-only ruleset, available to download from Sam’s website for a cost of $29.99 (about £20)

To play the game you will also need a set of game cards, some counters and unit cards. These are available for free download here – at a minimum you will need the action cards and the appendices

It looks like an interesting game, and given that you can play the game by just using the rules and free downloads (you will need one copy of the cards, but potentially several copies of various pages of the appendices) it gives a relatively cheap entry point into the game.

We will review these in the New Year.

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