Legions of Rome Kickstarter smashing final stretch goals with 2 days left

legions of rome
In episode 161 of the podcast, we talked to Andy Cooper and Antony Spencer about War & Empire, including the Legions of Rome Kickstarter.

With two days left to run on the project, it looks like all the current main stretch goals have been reached (well, it’s with £12 of the last one at time of writing) – which means that Andy is probably working feverishly in the background to sort out some more!

There are still some extra packs and armies to unlock – like the Spartacus’ Slave Revolt Army

The following armies are now funded:

  • Early & Middle Imperial Rome
  • Dacians
  • Picts
  • Scots Irish
  • Frankish
  • Saxons
  • Blemye
  • 3rd Century Rome
  • Sassanid Persians
  • Vandals / Visigoths

Other armies, like the Macabean Jews, have also been made available.

The project is offering (depending upon backing level) anywhere between a 10% and 30% discount on the RRP of the range, when it is released next year

The project complete at around midday on Christmas Eve, and is due for delivery in June 2016



5 Comments on Legions of Rome Kickstarter smashing final stretch goals with 2 days left

  1. Omg, my poor bank account! This is going to be immense!

  2. Antony Spencer // December 22, 2015 at 21:11 // Reply

    The beta version of the rules have been made available under the Kickstarter – Update 13 on December 12. There is a Dropbox account that you can copy the files from.

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