Lardies 2015 Christmas Special arrives…just

tfl xmas 2015 coverThough slightly late for the festive season itself, the latest Special issue from Too Fat Lardies is now available.

The Christmas and Summer specials always provide some interesting articles and new scenarios for the Too Fat Lardies stable of games, and this one is no different, although it’s scope is somewhat more narrow than previous issues.

Indeed, with the exception of the usual ‘Roundwood Report’, and magic rules for Dux Britanniarum (Dark Age magic – interesting) this edition is very much centred around Chain of Command and I Ain’t Been Shot Mum.

There are several new scenarios and campaigns for both of these systems, ranging from Malaysia 1942 to Northern France in 1944, the Western Desert to Abyssinia and Russia.

There are also a couple of extras, including the rule for the Lardies 2015 Pulp Christmas Game and Nazi Zombies in Chain of Command.

nazi zombies

Zombies, it seems, get everywhere, even here.

So, some different offerings for your TFL games for next year.

Strangely, almost in spite of myself, I’m now searching for 15mm Nazi Zombies and Werewolves. Clockwork Goblin and Rebel Minis look my favourites.

I bet these would give Dave’s British Paras a bit of a shock…


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