The Russians are coming for Blucher

blucher coverBlucher, the large scale Napoleonic rules from Sam Mustafa, have received some new reinforcements.

You may remember that Blucher has been designed to be used with either miniatures, or unit cards that have been specifically produced for the game.

When the rules were released, a card set which included all the forces for the 100 Days campaign was released at the same time.

war to the deathThis was followed up last year with War to the Death, which was a box set of 216 cards which detailed all the unit cards you would need to field an army from Great Britain, Spain or France in the Peninsular War.


Cuirassier-1024x742Just before Christmas, the Kaiserlicks expansion was released. This is a 67 card set detailing all the units and officers you will need to create an Austrian army.


3ee75a82-d1af-46fe-9f9b-ddb546877dd8Now, the latest army expansion has arrived. Holy Mother Russia is a 58 card set which contains all the units and officers to create a Russian army for Blucher.

Both Kaiserlicks and Holy Mother Russia are available as print-on-demand items from DriveThruCards, and cost $20 each, plus postage to your location.

These are a great idea if you have always fancied playing a Napoleonic wargame, but don’t want to spend several months painting an army.

The Prussian Army card deck is due to be released in February 2016.



4 Comments on The Russians are coming for Blucher

  1. This intrigues me because I am one of those folks who enjoys miniatures rules, but who is turned off by the thought of spending more time painting then playing. On top of that is the sheer mass of the troops and terrain. I have been quite the enthusiast of YMG’s Battleground Fantasy Warfare for some time and have been waiting for a Napoleonic based cards for units game. I will be looking into this, most specifically, if I can interest any friends in the system. I’m assuming you have reviewed it. Could you provide a link? I’m on my phone, perhaps if I wend my way back to the top of this post I will find the link there.

  2. Yes, I have all the YMG decks, I’m in pretty deep. The system does have its limits though, and I’m kind of becoming less enchanted with it lately.

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