Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 162 – Review of 2015

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Welcome to Episode 162 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

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In this show, hosts Neil Shuck, Mike Hobbs and Mike Whitaker look back at 2015 and choose the top five games that they have played during the year.

We then look forward to 2016, discuss some of our plans, and what we are looking forward to

We hope you enjoy the show

22 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 162 – Review of 2015

  1. Lovely. Just in time for tomorrow’s painting session.

  2. Nice episode, I’m wondering, nobody had a chance to try the last game of Rick Priestly, Beyond the Gates of Antares? I was expecting at least a mention of it….

    • I think this one pretty much was about the best games of the year and it seems like GoA didn’t quite qualify for the biggest disappointment either. 🙂 It just is I guess.

    • as Sigur has said this show was about our personal favourite games that we played in 2015 it wasn’t a round up of gaming news, none of us play GoA so it didn’t appear in any of our lists.
      we might look at GoA in the future if one of us starts playing it but its not on the list of games to review at the moment.

    • Probably the only person likely to play GoA in the near future is Mr Whitaker, if they play it at Peterborough club
      Not really on my radar I’m afraid

      • I think I have muddied the waters a bit Neil! I know you want to keep the show free. I am wondering whether, a bit like the gratuity at some restaurants you could put up a button saying something like, ” if you feel like supporting the show, you can press this bottom to contribute X pence through PayPal” . At a very low level it seems hardly worth the effort to make a contribution, but even if it was 10p, that is £2.40 for 24 shows (£2.50 if Mr. Whitaker has his way on bi-weekly episodes!). I wouldnt have a to explain such a low level expenditure to my wife along with the lead!

  3. Very entertaining episode, thanks! And indeed a happy new year to the Meeples and Miniatures brigade.

    I feel very, very similar about Chain of Command as Neil and his chap Dave do – it’s just gripping because it makes sense and it’s fun. We pretty much used to play a different game each year until Chain of Command came along. I don’t keep track of each game I play in that I look how often I play them, but over the past few years it’s become evident how each time the last and first game I play each year has almost exclusively been Chain of Command. (even though I played a LOT of Operation Squad in the first half of 2015).

    I really enjoyed the mentioning of older stuff like Full Thrust or this ACW game.

    So I guess my top 5 games of the year 2015 would be:
    5.) DBA
    4.) Dux Britanniarum
    3.) Command&Colors Ancients (finally got to play it. wow.)
    2.) Operation Squad
    1.) Chain of Command

    Honorable mentions: Legends of the Old West for being interesting, Blood Bowl for being brilliant but I completely suck at that game, Sharp Practice, Blücher (which I didn’t really get to play properly. My 6mm Frenchies are a truly daunting pile).

    Gaming moment of the year 2015: Probably VIVAT in November at which we had this amazingly huge Waterloo game and right next to it a small Chain of Command table. Seeing my DBA Persians finally painted on the table was really nice as well though.

    Biggest disappointments: Can’t think of anything specifically. People bitching about Age of Sigmar without considering alternatives? Finally getting my review of Operation Squad online only to have the new version released two weeks later maybe. 😀

    Things I definitely want to play in 2016: Dystopian Wars, Frostgrave, Blücher, Chain of Command, Lion/Dragon Rampant.

    Should be a good year. My resolutions: Buy less stuff, get more done, eat healthy, sport around, all that utopian stuff. :p

  4. Listened to the show on the train, good fun as always. About Patreon:please do. I would like to support the show, but never get round to paypaling. If I could do a sign-up for an auto-charge, I would.

  5. I am not sure about Patreon. If M&M had a charge of 50p an episode, I would still sign up like a shot, but I understand that you may not want to exclude those who can’t. I am not sure that there are any exclusives I would want to see. And I had a good day today painting some Griffin Greys (from the depths of the lead pile) and Scheltrum Victorian divers while listening to the show. Perfect!

    • Marcus makes a good point. The show needs to remain free with those in a position to sponsor doing so just because they can.

      • Marcus / Thomas
        The podcast will always remain free to download – it never was the intention to become subscription-only.
        However, should people wish to make a contribution, they would be free to do so – either by subscription via Patreon or by donating via PayPal, as several listeners do at the moment.
        Let me be clear on this – there is, and there never will be, any pressure to financially contribute to the show.
        Hope that clarifies things.

  6. P.S. I am intrigued by Antares. Almost tempted, but I do prefer 15mm. And I would really like to hear more about Thunderbirds!

  7. Leadmountain // January 16, 2016 at 01:24 // Reply

    Enjoyed the show, made me think about alternative games/ rules and the fact I have Sword & Spear but not used them as I have not paint my Greeks and Persians!
    Looking forward to the next show as I have the Kickstarter SoG but only played a couple of times. What year is the episode coming out? 15th of?!!

  8. Dave Blood // January 16, 2016 at 09:19 // Reply

    I’m one of the fans that has suggested M&M use Patreon. I support 2 other podcasts on it, and it’s easy to use. I give $2 and episode to one and $1 and episode to the other.

    The $2 an episode (to The D6 Generation) gives me access to 2 short bonus podcasts a month. The $1 an episode (the The Secret Cabal) gets me nothing. But I spend many hours listening to both, so I am happy to give them some $$.

    I have, on occasion, donated to M&M. I would rather M&M join Patreon so it just becomes automatic. $1 or $2 an episode I can do, and then I wouldn’t have to think about it.

    NEXT: As far as the other episode content goes: you have to play Guild Ball. I just started playing, and it’s awesome. I am a big Dreadball player, but Guild Ball is much deeper. The models are WAY better, as well.

    • I for one am really glad that you mentioned Patreon, as it is something I simply had not considered before.
      One note on bandwidth that ties in with this – the Mp3 is currently produced at 96 kbs. Reducing the compression will improve the audio quality, but as you say, has a direct effect on the size of the final file, and hence on the amount of monthly storage required.
      We probably have enough capacity to increase the bitrate to 128. Will try it and see how much that increases file size and effects final audio quality.

      • Dave Blood // January 17, 2016 at 10:28 //

        (I’m just yanking your chain here) – Way to dodge my Guild Ball comment. Here’s my painting progress on it so far. My models arrived Dec 30. Since then, I’ve painted 6, made 2 goals, and a display tray.

        On a more serious note: If Patreon supporters can fund you to the point you can supply higher bitrate mp3 files, then it’s all a success. 🙂

      • I’ve had the rules and two starter teams since June – all still in the box 😦

      • …and your models do look very nice indeed

      • BTW. Episode 163 is at 128 kbps. Let me know if you think the sound quality is better

  9. Dave Blood // January 18, 2016 at 23:25 // Reply

    Ep 163 sounds noticeably better than 162. 162 has a low hiss in the background, on 163 that hiss is gone completely.

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