Breaking out a classic

pic106853Whilst attempting to organise our first game of 2016, it quickly transpired that our proposed Chain of Command D-Day scenario marathon was going to be slightly delayed, as Dave has yet to paint his Horsa glider (which we need for a couple of scenarios, most importantly the first, since it’s the assault on Pegasus Bridge)

It’s more than a little ironic that we are now waiting for Dave to finish painting something…

In the mean time, we had to find something to play. We (very) briefly thought about a game of Sword and Spear, before deciding on a boardgame (I was late arriving for gaming, so we were pushed for time)

Enter Twilight Struggle.

For those not in the know, this boardgame has spent several years as the No. 1 rated game on BoardGameGeek, only recently being toppled by Pandemic: Legacy.

It’s a 2-Player, card-driven strategy game in which players take the sides of the US and USSR during the Cold War. The aim of the game is to become the dominant world Superpower through political influence, plus the odd military intervention (Superpower sponsored coup anyone?) whilst at the same time avoiding Global Thermonuclear War.


I own the Deluxe edition, which was printed in 2009, but I’ve only had chance to play this a couple of times. Since I know that Dave is a fan, this was an ideal opportunity to get it onto the table again.

Rather predictably, our first play consisted of reminding ourselves of the rules (since it’s been several years since we’ve played), playing through the first turn and then realising we made a huge blunder, which stopped the game in it’s tracks.

Reset button hit, and it’s time to start again next week – although this time we will have the benefit of knowing a little more about what we are doing (and much more time in which to play)

This really is a classic game, and I’d heartily recommend it. An electronic version for PC and Tablet is due out this year (I backed the Kickstarter)

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